May 1st, 2007

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*Personal comment: stylists have consistently bettered kirsten's dye job. She looks more like a natural redhead in this movie than the other 2. Ironic that Kirsten is a natural blonde who went red to play MJ and Bryce Howard is a natural redhead who went blonde to play Grace(?) (Spidey's other comic book love Grace is her name I think).*
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Watch this show!!!

Heroes Recap for Monday April, 30

Tonight, on a Very Special Heroes, it's five years in the future and all hell has broken loose. Apparently, it was Sylar who exploded all those years ago, both Micah and Ando were killed in the blast, and the remaining Heroes are all bitter and hunted. Past Hiro meets up with his future bad-ass self and they determine that they have to get Hiro back to the past so he can kill Sylar and stop the bomb. But before they can send him back, Matt shows up and captures Past Hiro because he thinks he's really Future Hiro and Future Hiro's a terrorist. Also? Matt works for Homeland Security, which is a fancy name for Nathan's Dirty Henchman since Nathan is now, in fact, the President. Nathan's kind of a dick in the future and he's partnered up with Mohinder, who seems to have been tasked with finding a "cure" for the Heroes. But he's getting nowhere with his research, and Nathan's getting antsy. So he wants Mohinder to start annihilating all the Heroes as a precautionary measure because Heroes are pains in the ass.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Texas, Bennet and Hana Wireless are running a Hero relocation program, complete with fake DNA identification methods. Bennet no longer wears his signature horn-rimmed glasses, so he's clearly kissed the OWI goodbye. Future Hiro and Ando show up on Bennet's doorstep after going to Vegas to try and find Peter. Peter's there, but he's invisible and dating Niki, and he's also really, really super hot. And has a big-ass scar on his face. Which only makes him hotter. Niki doesn't want him to help Hiro and Ando, so he doesn't, which is why they go to Texas to ask Bennet for help locating Peter and all the other Heroes.

Bennet's too busy trying to SAVE Heroes to round a bunch up just for Hiro's purposes, and he's also trying to keep Claire from getting captured. She's a waitress at the Burnt Toast Diner now, and she's about to get married, so she doesn't seem to keen on hitting the road yet again just because her daddy is paranoid. She could do worse than listen to her father, though, since Parkman shows up at his "office" in order to capture the second Hiro. But Peter shows up and (hotly) saves the day and teleports them outta there. When Bennet arrives, it becomes clear that he's worked out a twisted deal with Parkman that Parkman quickly terminates after learning where Claire is. And by "terminates," I mean "puts a bullet in Bennet's brain." Matt picks up Claire at the diner and takes her to see her real father.

After Nate orders Mohinder to kill Past Hiro, he heads off to the Petrelli Palace to see his super-powered daughter. He gives a snotty speech about not needing any more powers, now that he has Claire and that's when we see blood appear on Claire's forehead and realize that Nathan isn't really Nathan, he's Sylar and he didn't blow up all those years ago, it was really Peter, and now Sylar's basically bent on world destruction and Hero-cide.

Finally, Peter teams up with Future Hiro and Ando to bust Past Hiro out of his temporary prison before Mohinder can stick him in the neck with a needle. Just when we think Mo is going to kill the poor guy, he sticks The Haitian Sensation in the neck instead. He helps Hiro to escape, but not before Parkman shoots Future Hiro. And then Sylar shows up, and he and Peter get into a Battle Royale, and Mo and Ando have to convince Past Hiro to suck it up and get his shit together and get back to the past already so they can get on with the business of killing Sylar. In the end Hiro makes it back and they're primed and ready to put a sword through Sylar's heart. Amen.
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Democrat or Republican, pish posh. Pick another party! I personally don't like to be boxed...

Each of these had ballot status for its presidential candidate in states with enough electoral votes for President of the United States to have had a chance of winning the 2004 presidential election--or has done likewise for the 2008 presidential election.

Constitution Party (formerly the U.S. Taxpayers Party) (1992).
Democratic Party (1792, 1820s – present).
Green Party of the United States (1996).
Libertarian Party (1971).
Republican Party (1854).

Other current national parties (that have endorsed candidates)
These parties want to organize nationally, but did not in 2004 (and do not for 2008) have ballot status in enough states to win the presidency normally. Some do not have presidential candidates, but for other offices only.

This is an incomplete list, which may never be able to satisfy certain standards for completeness. Revisions and sourced additions are welcome.
America First Party (2002)
American Fascist Party
American Heritage Party (2000)
American Independent Party (1968)
American Nazi Party (1959)
American Party (1969)
American Patriot Party (2003)
American Reform Party (1997)
Centrist Party (United States) (2006)
Christian Freedom Party (2004)
Christian Falangist Party of America (1985)
Citizens For Reform Party (2005)
Commonwealth Party
Communist League (US) (2004)
Communist Party USA (1919)
Free People's Movement (2002)
Freedom Road Socialist Organization (1969)
Independent American Party (1998)
Jefferson Republican Party
Ku Klux Klan (1866)
Labor Party (1995)
Marijuana Party (2002)
National Socialist Movement (1974)
New American Independent Party (2004)
New Union Party (1974)
Peace and Freedom Party (1967)
Personal Choice Party (1997)
Populist Party of America (2002)
Prohibition Party (1867)
Reform Party of the United States of America (1995)
Socialist Action (1983)
Socialist Alternative (1986)
Socialist Equality Party (1953)
Socialist Labor Party (1876)
Socialist Party USA (1973)
Socialist Workers Party (1938)
United Citizens Party (1969)
Workers Party, USA
Workers World Party (1959)
Working Families Party (1998)
World Socialist Party of the United States (1916)

Few, if any, of these parties have had (or have) presidential candidates. The years are when they were founded.

This is an incomplete list, which may never be able to satisfy certain standards for completeness.

Alaskan Independence Party (1984)
Aloha Aina Party
Charter Party of Cincinnati, Ohio (1924)
Connecticut for Lieberman Party (2006)
Conservative Party of New York (1962)
Covenant Party (Northern Mariana Islands)
Independence Party of Minnesota (1992)
Independence Party of New York (1991)
Independent Citizens Movement (US Virgin Islands)
Liberal Party of Minnesota
Liberal Party of New York (1944)
Liberty Union Party (Vermont) (1970)
Marijuana Reform Party (New York) (1997)
Mountain Party (West Virginia) (2000)
New Progressive Party of Puerto Rico (1967)
New York State Right to Life Party (1970)
Popular Democratic Party of Puerto Rico (1938)
Populist Party of Maryland (Nader 2004 - affiliated, unrelated to earlier so-named parties)
Progressive Party of Washington (1912-1960 and 2003-present)
Puerto Rican Independence Party (1946)
Republican Moderate Party of Alaska (1986)
Southern Party (1999)
Southern Independence Party
United Party (Idaho) (2005)
Vermont Progressive Party (1999)

Later 20th century and 21st century Parties

Communist Workers Party (1969–1985)
People's Party (1971–1976)
U.S. Labor Party (1975–1979)
Citizens Party (1979–1984)
New Alliance Party (1979–1992)
Populist Party of 1980s-1990s (1984–1994)
Looking Back Party (1984–1996)
Grassroots Party (1986–2004)
Independent Party of Utah (1988–1996)
Greens/Green Party USA (1991–2005)
New Party (1992 – 1998)
Natural Law Party (1992–2004)

Go to Wiki or (not sure abt the w-site so I'd just stick w/ Wiki) to click on the linkies and see if you can be put in a box.

If I have to choose a box, it is the Independent American Party.
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Why I only depend on the bbc

Abductions in Nigerian oil states

Gunmen with dynamite have stormed an oil industry vessel off the Nigerian coast in Bayelsa State and kidnapped six foreign oil workers.
The militant group, Mend, which says it wants a larger share of oil wealth for locals, said they were holding four Italians, an American and a Croatian.

In a separate incident, armed men kidnapped the mother of a newly elected governor in the south's richest state.

Celestine Omeiha's mother was taken from her village in Rivers State.

Militants in the Delta rarely abduct locals, prompting speculation that this abduction near Port Harcourt may be fall-out from the elections.

"We have some clues and we are working on it," said police chief Felix Ogbaudu.

States in the oil-producing Niger Delta have huge budgets, yet most people live in poverty, partly caused by endemic government corruption.


Dozens of kidnappings of foreign oil workers have taken place in recent months, with ransom fees usually demanded before their release.

Many locals have turned to violence

One sailor was killed in the attack on the FPSO Oloibiri run by Chevron, which is stationed offshore to store crude oil.

"The militants shot one navy personnel and compelled the crew to throw a rope down to give them access by using dynamite," a security source said.

Mend said in an email statement that their attack was to show their opposition to Nigeria's president-elect Umaru Yar'Adua and his deputy Goodluck Jonathan - the governor of Bayelsa State.

"This attack is one in a series intended to embarrass the out-going regime. It is also a warning to the incoming government," the statement said.

Nigeria is Africa's leading oil exporter but locals complain that little of the wealth reaches their communities.

Mend are responsible for many of the attacks in the Niger Delta, which has seen a 20% drop in output over the past year and led to thousands of foreign oil workers leaving.

Mend, which is also calling for the release of two imprisoned leaders charged with treason, promised to released the hostages on 30 May as long as there was no attempt to free them - such as offering a ransom.