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Hey there LJ

I guess I'm writing b/c of insomnia and stress. I have a guest for a few days: Brent's friend Tyler who's emailed me or something at least every other day since his passing. His girlfriend was a butt face and dumped him the week he was going to propose. I told him he could come here to get out of dodge and he took me up on it immediately. He's a good kid, almost 22, and doesn't deserve this crap but how many good people deserve the crap they're dealt?

Saw Hairspray the other night and I highly recommend it. Really funny and a good plot honestly. I watched Marie Antoinette the other night and I actually felt sorry for the girl. I wish I had at least one of those dresses though. So pretty to see Versailles almost empty. Those Copolla's...

Tomorrow we're going to the mall, underground, and ice skating. We were going to do 6 flags but turns out neither of us like roller coasters. But we love to skate! Will may or may not come. This will be kind of a test. I can't date someone who can't skate.

I wish I could talk about what's really upsetting me on top of everything else but I'll just say that I feel EXTREMELY used and hurt. On top of it, my parents were the ones who pointed it out.

In other news: I bought some topsiders and a pair of shorts. My first pair of shorts in 10 years and I get to take them back b/c we're not going to 6 flags yay!

Lily is here and adjusting. So much better than "the bean" as my dad refers to her. Except she has worms, which gross me out.

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