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Democrat or Republican, pish posh. Pick another party! I personally don't like to be boxed...

Each of these had ballot status for its presidential candidate in states with enough electoral votes for President of the United States to have had a chance of winning the 2004 presidential election--or has done likewise for the 2008 presidential election.

Constitution Party (formerly the U.S. Taxpayers Party) (1992).
Democratic Party (1792, 1820s – present).
Green Party of the United States (1996).
Libertarian Party (1971).
Republican Party (1854).

Other current national parties (that have endorsed candidates)
These parties want to organize nationally, but did not in 2004 (and do not for 2008) have ballot status in enough states to win the presidency normally. Some do not have presidential candidates, but for other offices only.

This is an incomplete list, which may never be able to satisfy certain standards for completeness. Revisions and sourced additions are welcome.
America First Party (2002)
American Fascist Party
American Heritage Party (2000)
American Independent Party (1968)
American Nazi Party (1959)
American Party (1969)
American Patriot Party (2003)
American Reform Party (1997)
Centrist Party (United States) (2006)
Christian Freedom Party (2004)
Christian Falangist Party of America (1985)
Citizens For Reform Party (2005)
Commonwealth Party
Communist League (US) (2004)
Communist Party USA (1919)
Free People's Movement (2002)
Freedom Road Socialist Organization (1969)
Independent American Party (1998)
Jefferson Republican Party
Ku Klux Klan (1866)
Labor Party (1995)
Marijuana Party (2002)
National Socialist Movement (1974)
New American Independent Party (2004)
New Union Party (1974)
Peace and Freedom Party (1967)
Personal Choice Party (1997)
Populist Party of America (2002)
Prohibition Party (1867)
Reform Party of the United States of America (1995)
Socialist Action (1983)
Socialist Alternative (1986)
Socialist Equality Party (1953)
Socialist Labor Party (1876)
Socialist Party USA (1973)
Socialist Workers Party (1938)
United Citizens Party (1969)
Workers Party, USA
Workers World Party (1959)
Working Families Party (1998)
World Socialist Party of the United States (1916)

Few, if any, of these parties have had (or have) presidential candidates. The years are when they were founded.

This is an incomplete list, which may never be able to satisfy certain standards for completeness.

Alaskan Independence Party (1984)
Aloha Aina Party
Charter Party of Cincinnati, Ohio (1924)
Connecticut for Lieberman Party (2006)
Conservative Party of New York (1962)
Covenant Party (Northern Mariana Islands)
Independence Party of Minnesota (1992)
Independence Party of New York (1991)
Independent Citizens Movement (US Virgin Islands)
Liberal Party of Minnesota
Liberal Party of New York (1944)
Liberty Union Party (Vermont) (1970)
Marijuana Reform Party (New York) (1997)
Mountain Party (West Virginia) (2000)
New Progressive Party of Puerto Rico (1967)
New York State Right to Life Party (1970)
Popular Democratic Party of Puerto Rico (1938)
Populist Party of Maryland (Nader 2004 - affiliated, unrelated to earlier so-named parties)
Progressive Party of Washington (1912-1960 and 2003-present)
Puerto Rican Independence Party (1946)
Republican Moderate Party of Alaska (1986)
Southern Party (1999)
Southern Independence Party
United Party (Idaho) (2005)
Vermont Progressive Party (1999)

Later 20th century and 21st century Parties

Communist Workers Party (1969–1985)
People's Party (1971–1976)
U.S. Labor Party (1975–1979)
Citizens Party (1979–1984)
New Alliance Party (1979–1992)
Populist Party of 1980s-1990s (1984–1994)
Looking Back Party (1984–1996)
Grassroots Party (1986–2004)
Independent Party of Utah (1988–1996)
Greens/Green Party USA (1991–2005)
New Party (1992 – 1998)
Natural Law Party (1992–2004)

Go to Wiki or (not sure abt the w-site so I'd just stick w/ Wiki) to click on the linkies and see if you can be put in a box.

If I have to choose a box, it is the Independent American Party.

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